Listen to the Music!

What do you feel when you listen to music? For some people it’s an escape. For others, it’s absent-minded foot tapping or head bopping, and for some others it’s noise.

For me, music is freedom. It’s a journey to a different world full of majors and minors, high notes and low notes, arrangements for speed, arrangements for absorption. And it’s very much alive. Music breathes and moves as much as you and me. And not only that, but music breathes new life into you as well. Music is the beautiful disturber of air, the peace maker, the dreamer of dreams. Music is heart, soul, passion, art, and one of the most precious parts of my life.

So let the music flow through you, feel it in your fingertips, your bones, feel it move your soul.

Sing like no one’s listening, dance like no one’s watching,  live free.


Stevie Ray Vaughan: Passion and Soul

Stevie Ray Vaughan was probably one of the most soulful musicians of our century. Watching the man play and sing, you can see how music moves this man in the best of ways. Music is a language, and Stevie was one of the most fluent speakers.

He performs every song with his eyes closed, in order to really feel the strings beneath his fingers, and to feel his voice come out of his mouth.

The way Stevie feels everything within him is really difficult to describe in words, but you can all see for yourself how passionate he was about his music.

It can be argued that Stevie was one of the greatest songwriters of his time, and probably could be argued that he was the greatest songwriter in his genre ever.

In my opinion, he was amazing, and had some of the most raw talent and passion out of several musicians of his time period. He needs to be recognized and at least credited for his performances. Listen to his rendition of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and you will be blown away.

Play Your Heart Out Kid

How many of us have friends in bands, or know someone extremely talented in art or music? Everyone knows of at least one person wasting their talent, but some of us know people living their dreams.


Anyone who has a passion for music should play. Anyone who is creative enough to sketch or paint should do it! Stop fighting your dreams and start reaching for them.

Janis Joplin is a perfect example of this. Listen to the woman sing anything, and you feel her soul behind every breath. The only person she wanted to be was her. And she was faithful to herself until the day of her death.


We only ride the roller coaster once, guys. We only have one shot at life. So why not love it and embrace it for all of its worth? Take a risk, who cares about the opinions of everyone else? You are your own worst critic, so if it’s good enough for you, odds are everyone else will be blown away. So, Jim- strum your six string, Bill- hit those keys, and Michael- dance your heart out. Feel the music and play!

La Vie Boheme!

News flash, everyone. Bohemia is dead! The music that once made you appreciate art, and mean something has gone down in history, but no farther than that.This thought came to me as I was watching Jimi Hendrix perform “Hey Joe” live.

Artists today have no sense of stage presence or performance. Jimi Hendrix is playing “Hey Joe” live, while chewing gum, playing his guitar upside down and backwards, but the video sort of speaks for itself.

Greatest performer of all time? It’s pretty close between him and Michael Jackson, though I think Jimi has Michael pretty much beat. How many people have you heard of playing guitar with their teeth perfectly, while chewing gum?

When artists had passion for the music that they wrote, those were definitely its best years. Today, artists are only in it for the dollar signs, not for a legacy.

ZZ Top Anyone?

While on my way to class this morning “Legs” by ZZ Top started playing. I realized then how much this music really moves me. “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Lowrider,” and “Cheap Sunglasses” are all very popular songs, and fantastically written. The beats and heavy drumbeats make you want to move, and just feel the greatness of the song.

However, there is a side to ZZ Top a lot of people aren’t familiar with. Their Blues tunes happen to be some of the greatest I’ve heard, and some of my favorites. “Blue Jean Blues” and “Tush” are all songs that all ZZ fans should take a listen to. It’s definitely going to change your perception of the trio! So, I invite any Blues fan, or any ZZ fan to listen to these songs and make a judgement for yourself.


Music definitely is a complicated phenomenon. It has the ability to make us feel different emotions, feel passion for something other than what’s here on this earth, and it can also take us to a whole different level.

But what really is music? Music is really a series of notes played with an instrument in rhythm and time. So what is it about music that moves and inspires us?

Maybe it’s the simple fact that different music speaks to us differently. The fact that we have different tastes in clothes, foods, pretty much every facet of everything, that makes us all different from each other.

Music helps us find ourselves, whether you are into Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, ZZ Top, David Bowie, Alan Jackson, or, yes, even Justin Bieber, music has a way of moving our souls.

Fender vs. Gibson

As far as rock and roll guitars go, everyone knows that Fender and Gibson are the two most top-of-the-line products available on the market. Both have very different uses, but as far as quality, which one is better?

My personal feelings on Fender, really, is just that it is a tool with a specific purpose. Fenders have a whinier, rougher, more high-pitched sound with a fast neck that’s pretty easy to maneuver, as far as acoustic guitars go. They tend to play nicer than less popular guitars, but when it comes to electric, there is no comparison between the two.

Gibson definitely takes the cake when it comes to electric guitars. Every piece of the guitar is carefully handcrafted, which is why they are so expensive. They’re definitely a prize among musicians everywhere, and with good reason. Gibson guitars have the greatest sound compared to any guitar on the market, I think. The strings sound like raindrops when strummed or picked, and the neck moves so fast and is smoother than glass.

So, guitar players and metal shredders, each guitar and brand of guitar has its own purpose, but as far as quality and sound as well as appreciation value? Gibson is definitely king.